Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.

Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You're doing things you've never done before, and more importantly, you're Doing Something.

So that's my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for myself. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody's ever made before. Don't freeze, don't stop, don't worry that it isn't good enough, or it isn't perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or work or family or life.

Whatever it is you're scared of doing, Do it.

Make your mistakes, next year and forever.” 

― Neil Gaiman

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Boss Cross ~ Missouri State Championship CX

Sooooo Freekin Close!!!! Yet so far....

Last weekend was Missouri State Cyclocross Championships (Boss Cross) put on by Joe Fox (Cycle City). I have wanted to win a state jersey ever since I knew they existed. I knew this year was one of my best opportunities I am going to have in a while.

I ended up taking 2nd with a really stacked field with guys coming over from St. Louis and Columbia. I would be pretty bummed missing out on winning that jersey, but... The kid (literally) that won it was 17 (I think) and that's kinda awesome! I thought it was pretty impressive for a kid that age to come out and put a whoopen on us old fellas. Great job kid!!!

Race started okay at best, I slipped out of my pedal and ended up a bit further back than I would have. But the course was pretty wide and wasn't too difficult to jump on my boy Chris's wheel and by the end of lap one we were sitting 2nd and 3rd. We kept Botts within striking range if it weren't for we were at 100% and by lap 3 or 4 I knew the race for 1st was over unless he had a mechanical.
Saw a bunch of people running this. Not sure why, it was pretty easy to ride over. Pic Jesse Miguels
Chris was pulling us around like a man possessed on lap two and blew himself up a little. I do the same thing, its why I don't care to be off the front much in a cross race. Fast forward a couple more laps and Tim's and his big engine caught us after his usual start too far back.
Once Tim took the lead I jumped on his wheel for a while. We stayed that way until the last lap and a half. Tim was running a section of sand on the back half of the course that I was able to ride. I ended up getting a small gap on him at that point and it was now or never, so I just hammered it with what I had left.
Chasing Tim around! Pic Jesse Miguels
I buried myself on the last lap and was still not able to shake Tim now sitting 3rd and Chris was coming on strong as well just behind him. Tim was right on me coming into the same sand section (there is a video of this section I took of the 1/2's on Instagram) riding this section again crated another 2 second (ish) gap and I ended up winning by the same margin. Tim and Chris fought to the last second. Great race!!!




Owe yah, and this happened on Monday as well!!! Here is to a new cx journey about to begin!!

The following request to change your USA/Road category has been approved and processed by USA Cycling:
Member: Jason Douglas
License: USA Cyclo-cross
Request to change category from Cat 3 to Cat 2

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fast and Furriest CX

Picked up my boy Chris  Farney (No link, he still has a flip phone if you can believe it)  and headed down south to race at a new venue at the Grater KC Humane Society. 

The course was well laid out with some long sections (hurt me bad) and then had a run up and some off camber, turns, and some elevation gain on the back side. 

Cat 3's had a little better turn out than the last couple races exceeding 10 racers. Got a front row start and hit the hole shot about 4 back. Some of these U23 kids take off like little rocketships. 

Immediately I saw a guy who looked like a gazelle (Rocky Remy) make a move and knew I had better get up with him. So here I am red lined already and not even a minute into the race, well that's cross for you. I have a hard time pacing myself, so I just settled in behind him for a couple laps, making sure I had his wheel on the pavement and some of the other longer flat sections. 

Each time during these flat sections we would drop Chris a little but he would be right back rubbing my back tire on the back half of the course. 

One more lap of Chris catching back up. "rubbin is racin"!!
About 3-4 laps into it, I was unable to get clipped back in and bobbled a bit on one section. That gave Rocky enough room to get me out of his draft and he maintained the gap for the duration of the race. Good work man!

Next problem is I am fading rather quick. Second to last lap was my slowest and one of Chris's fastest. Bad combo for me. He caught me and quickly opened up about a 2 second (ish) gap that I found rather hard to close. Coming in last lap, the game plan was attempt to catch Chris by the final pavement section to the finish, hopefully draft and out sprint him. 
This is the way it wen't for the majority of the race. Rocky, me and then Chris. Patrick Orrick was close to joining our group on a couple occasions but never quite made it.  
Coming into the last section of 180's Chris had a laps of focus and did this little endo/bobble/almost fall but catch himself/but lost his chain thing and took himself out of the finish. He had that same 2 seconds on me and I doubt I would have been able to close it if he had a clean lap. He was hitting that particular section of the course pretty well all race.  

So there you have it! RESULTS HERE

Hug out and watched the Cat 1/2's again. Another great race. Evan Fast I thought had a great race with a strong second behind a stupid fast Jensen. 

Next up, Boss Cross and it will be my last as a Cat 3. Going to request an upgrade to Cat 2 and start getting my butt handed to me.  

I hope I have some more Cat 3s do the same, I know its late season, but its time. I know several that have enough points to do so. 

Lets make it a huge field and race to not get lapped!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lost Trail CX

Holidays has got be a little behind. I had intentions of driving to either Iowa or the other side of the state last weekend to race, but when it came down to it, just couldn't force myself to drive 4 hours to race 40 min. Same way I skipped out on Jingle Cross this year.

BUT..... Was able to race the weekend before down at the Lost Trail CX. I made it out to day two with a pretty small turnout. Not sure whats the deal with the Cat 3's, last two local races you could not add up both days and get 20 different guys. Its kind of strange when the Cat 1/2's have a bigger field.

Anyway, I have never raced there before but got the scoop from Travis who was there the day before. After a pre ride, it was for sure going to be an interesting race to say the least. Lots of turns and some decent technical turns, etc. The start finish was a long out and back, long and flat enough to get a good draft if you could, so some strategy could take place.

I do not normally like to be out front of the race from the start, however after my pre ride, I did not want to get behind someone and then have them crash in front of me. There is not much worse of a feeling in a cross race than watching the leaders gain a half a lap lead on your while your stuck behind a crash or slower riders.

Start line, I knew what needed to be done (nice when you only have two rows) got in front and took the hole shot. Led the lap and we quickly had a 3 man race. Tim Herre, Matthew Gilhousen and myself.
No shave November did not intimidate anyone, that's for sure. 
After a couple laps in it was just Tim and myself. I was leading out each lap but just could not get a gap on him. I led the majority of the race. Twice, Tim got close to getting on my wheel when his front wheel wen't out on him. Both times I took off the best I could but ole Tim had some fight in him this day and clawed his way back each time.

Two laps to go I found myself running out of steam and Tim took off on me and I really could hold his wheel for 30 seconds or so until I just did not have any legs left. Game over. Tim earned that one for sure! Good job dude!

I ended up enjoying the course a lot more than I thought I was going to. I just could not find any sort of groove on my pre-laps, but once racing I think I settled in. Sort of anyway...

Stuck around for a little had some beer with PotPie and watched Cat 1/2 race. That was a damn good race to watch.

As December is here I am pretty sure I am going to upgrade after Boss Cross so hopefully some other 3's will do the same. Would hate for it to be just me, Keck and John racing to not be in last place in the Cat 1/2's!!!!


Cat 1/2's showing us how its done!

Rogers Pics


I know there was a handful of guys taking pics. Let me know if you run across any.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

HPT Grand Prix CX!!

Wow what a night! I have not done a night cross race since I first started racing many years ago. It was a blast!!

I had herd good things about this course, I had not yet made this race and kind of kicking myself in the butt now. So with the Singlespeed race later than the Cat 3, I am in for two races on the night!!

The course was laid out at Heartland Park in Topeka KS. I could not do a better job in explaining it so here is the course description from the horses mouth. "Come check out the areas’ only “avondcross”, Flemish for evening ‘cross, at the  Heartland Park Topeka dirt track (think earthen velodrome!). Racing starts at dusk and will finish under the lights with the Men Cat 4, and Singlespeed. This race will feature mainly hardpack dirt, a grass infield and some gravel. As always there will be some cyclocross type obstacles to challenge a racers quiver of skills."

Lined up in the Cat 3 race behind the Cat 1/2's and it seemed to have a roll reversal as far as numbers. We only had 10 (I think) in the Cat 3's but 20 or so in the Cat 1/2 race.

I recognized pretty much everyone there so was able to pretty easily pick out who I needed to keep an eye on. I ended up accidentally leading out everyone onto the dirt track where drafting played a key role in the race. I tried to create a gap to not let everyone take my wheel but I could see the shadows behind me and knew that was not in the cards this early in the race.

Soon after there was a split and for the rest of the race it was me, Tim Herre and Nathan Shay. Each lap I was able to stay really comfortable on any of the grass sections but once we hit the dirt Tim and Nathan both had some decent high end and was tough at times holding their wheel. So basically from this point it was who can make the fewest mistakes and who had the best timing for an attack.

I think it was two laps to go Tim hit the deck and I know that takes a bit of energy out of you, he was also leading out the majority of the dirt track. Last lap Nathan put in a good attack just before the same dirt track and I decided to follow Tim as he was putting in a decent chase. My game plan was to conserve as much energy I could till after the dirt section. Once we got back to the infield grass section, I see Nathan wipe out on the loose gravel (bummer man) which allowed us to hook right back up to him. I knew this was the time to get after it. I took off a little sooner than I originally wanted but pulled a Jens and never looked back.

Ended up taking my first Cat 3 win of the season.

Switch bikes, drink some water, take a gel, almost puke, off to the Singlespeed race.

I got a front row start here and the feild was a bit larger. The entire goal here was to get a good start and just hang on for as long as I can.

Joe Fox put in a great move to take the hole shot, then I proceeded to follow him and Britton the best I could. Half a lap later they were gone.

Go over and check out the start on Instigram, Britton's wife has some good videos.

After about a lap or so, I see Britton is having issues with his 5 lb bike and DNF'd. So now its Joe, then me, and then a couple guys back.

The entire race I kept waiting for a bum rush from behind from some guys but it never came. To my surprise I was still holding second with two laps to go. Further to my surprise I see Joe fading a bit. Last lap he hit a wall and I caught up with him on the infield grass and gave it my all. I wanted the race a lot more than he did and don't think he even put in a effort to chase. But I will take it. Took the win.

Two wins in one night is pretty crazy for me. Probably the last time also...


No pics that I have found...

Did find an awesome one of my boy Travis. He and Eric had quite the battle in masters and ended up 1 and 2 by a wheels length. Great job!!

How awesome is this pic!?!?!?! Courtesy of Joe H. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Boulevard Cup CX!

Headed on down for Boulevard Cup CX with the family on Sunday. I have raced at Herman Laird Park many times so I knew what was ahead of me. This course is pretty flat, always has that gravel loop in it and usually some additional pavement. In years past being primary a MTB guy in the spring summer, I have never done very well out on this course. Last couple of summers I have been getting my roadie on so I was pretty sure I was going to fair a bit better than usual.

Signed up for the Cat 3 race and had a perfect warm-up, took a couple laps to check out the course and actually brought my trainer out to look like I know what I am doing. 20 min before race time as I was keeping warm, I noticed my front break rotor was rubbing just enough to annoy me so I headed to the truck for some last min adjustments.

Then it happened......

So I leaned my bike against my truck to adjust my break. Got it to quit rubbing, went to go put my tools back in the truck bed and wouldn't you flippen know it... Wind blew over my bike and bent the crap out of my rear hanger!!! My pristine Boone, Zipp wheel rocket ship, out of commission. AND 15 min before the race is supposed to start.

Luckily I had enough time to go get my single speed pit bike and go change numbers and get into the single speed race. So the day was salvaged.

Lined up behind the 3's and the game plan just got really simple. Hold Britton's wheel for as long as possible, then once dropped, have fun and catch as many Cat 3's as possible.

Holding strong here! Why is it Britton even looks faster... Huh.... Anyway- Yes, this is only about 45 seconds into the race. And yes, I was dropped  shortly thereafter. 
I had pretty decent legs today and think I am finally getting back into cross shape and ended up 2nd on the day in Single Speed. First time I had this much fun on such a flat course. Sure would have loved all those corners on my new Challenge tires though. 

Most important aspect of the day by far was that my wife and little guy came out to watch. This is the first year he kinda knows what is going on. 

Let me tell you, there is no greater feeling than your little boy studying every move you make and cheering you on like your some sort of super hero!

He wanted to get on Dad's bike!
My escort to the Start Line. No training wheels.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Carbon CX Disc Wheelset for Sale.

Carbon DISC Tubulars... Ready to CX rock and roll! 

Britton built them for me a couple seasons ago, normal wear and tear (I only raced them, no gravel/commuting etc) Light and fast, look great on your bike. Freehub has your normal grooves in it, should last another season or so before you should probably just switch it out. 

Tires are new this season, only has two races on them and a handful of training rides on grass. Tread is still mint. They are Vittoria Cross EVO XM 32. 

Bolt on disc. I use 140s and put them on my new weelset, if you want I can put some 160 Avids on it. I have a drawer full. Also, I can put some Shimano skewers if you want. $500.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Joules Cross

I think I have hit this race up the past 4 years. It has been an up and down affair, I have had some podiums and have gotten my arse handed to me.

Most of the time I can only squeeze in one day of racing each weekend, so I opted for Sundays course. Joules is always challenging for me because I have more of a difficult time keeping up on the flat straights than I do hills. Sundays course had a bit of everything. The start/finish is always a nice straightway that leads into some turns in a field over to where the fun part is usually. Around the pond had a nice 15 yard mud section, also had Rogers usual spiral and about two moderate climbs out on course.

KC Cyclocross Blog has a good video of the mud section. 

I decided on Sunday to do something I have not done in a season or two.... Ride Singlespeed! It was everything I remembered, fun as crap! It was a blast to go out racing against guys I have not raced with in a while.

Race wen't pretty well, started the race second row but was able to find a hole and sneak in behind Britton and Roger W and held that for about a half of a lap until those two and one or two more slowly gapped me and off they went. Andrew S came by and for a moment I thought to myself, hey we can work together and catch up to Roger sitting 3rd. Then 20 seconds later I found myself not being able to hold his wheel and tossed that grand idea.

It stayed that way for the rest of the race, came in 5th. Those boys are pretty fast. One day I'll keep up! Till next time... Hermen Laird I think.

Thanks to Roger for the pics!



Owe, and one thing. CX just got serious!!! Boom. Zipp + Challange = Awesomeness

Hit me up if you want first dibs on my old set of Volkler specials. They are carbon and disc and have fresh ready to race Vittoira tubluars glued to them. All you need is disc's and a cassette and your racing carbon tubulars next weekend!!!

They can be seen on my cover photo from Cliff Drive CX. Those be the ones.... Just some training rides and two races on them (tires). Tread is still mint, corners on rails. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Robidoux Roundup CX!

Head on over to the race blog to get the full scoop!!! Robidoux Roundup CX

Personally I had to DNF on my home turf!! Had some drive train issues and dropped my chain 3 times on the first lap. Done.....

Real bummer to DNF a course you could ride though with your eyes closed.

The course was as soft as it had ever been, which is probably a good thing or the stupid fast guys would be putting in low 4 min laps...

Only one thing better than being on the podium, your son on the podium!!!
Till next time..

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cliff Drive Cassic CX

1st race of my season in the books and it was a hard one. The boys from Manions switched venues and was it ever a tough one to start the season.

Since I normally think I am a lot faster than in actuality, I went down on Saturday and threw my hat in with the big boys (Cat 1/2/3) and proceeded to get destroyed. Man those guys are fast....

The course had plenty of climbing and what gave me the most fits were the off camber turns all in dry dirt that was basically powder.

Granted, I did not have high expectations of my performance being so early in the season for me, but man... When your in a 50 min race and your in survival mode come 20 min into it, its going to be a long one. I remember looking at my Garmin at one time seeing that we were only half way, I knew I needed to get into dumb animal mode (just pedal, don't think) and get it done.

Finally got lapped by the winner and YamsForLife on my second to last lap. Rolled in for a midfield 11th.

Photo from Pete Barth
All in all, it was a pretty good venue and I really enjoyed being out there racing again. Especially enjoyed seeing everyone out racing again, sharing this same dysfunction.

Photo from Pete Barth

Thanks to the guys putting the race on!  Painful fun was had by all!! Sunday looked like a blast too..

Owe yah, Thank you to the 8 Lumen Crew for the handups!!

My partner in crime seemed to need a break.. Hand up and getting lapped simultaneously, Bravo Chris. 
Get all the info and pics you want over here at Cliff Drive dot org.

Some good CX info over here. 

Results for both days is always easy to find over on:
KCA   &   Local Cycling dot com.

Also don't forget to get our race on your calenders for October 12th!!!!! Robidoux Roundup CX!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Hey, hey, hey... Its Cross Season!!!!

Okay, Its been a while...I can't wait to get back to the race scene. I have only race 3 times this year. I raced more than that the first year I started!

But that is about to change. Hoping to get out this Sunday if I can get one of my bikes up and running right.

On  another note... Myself and some of our Joetown good old boys are putting on our first cross race!!! Pretty pumped about it...

Head on over to the website!




USA Cycling

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

And I'm Back!! Racing that is..... (Tour of KC)

So after a 6 month hiatus, I got back to racing my bike Sunday at the Tour of Kansas City. This year they brought the course back to Cliff Drive, which from what I hear was a great venue.

I was eager to get back into the swing of things and rolled down with Darrel W, also racing Cat 4. My previous season of racing road (last year) had been my first real attempt to move over from racing primarily MTB over the spring/summers. I knew the race was going to be rough and I have been dropped from every race so far, so I did a little prep on our local hill route to get as much fitness back as I could before hand.

Before the race Darrel and I ran into Dr. Smith and his fam. They both raced pretty well the day before and were back at it for some more fun, also in Cat 4. Caleb is only 14 (I think), so that is pretty humbling to have a 14 year old out performing your entire previous road season; But its awesome to see!

After running into the Smiths I see G has shown  up and on his skinny bike ready to not play very nice with the rest of us. So knowing Garrett and Micah I pretty much knew how the race was going to play out from the get go. Hold on to your shorts gents.

The course was pretty great and had a bit of everything. So the race starts and its time to see if I can remember how to do this road race thing.

Just like I knew was going to happen, G and Micah were leading the pack and pushing the pace from the get go. My main goals really for the day were to hang on as long as I could (I really had no idea where my fitness was) and 1. sprint as little as possible 2. stay the heck out of the wind as much as possible.

The course had some good turns one tricky one and a slight climb and a pretty good one. Sorry I am not very good and describing the course.

I am not sure if it was the first lap or the second but the field split in half rather quick and I'll be damned if I did not make the cut. Last year this was about the time I found myself in no-mans-land getting just dropped but holding the gap completely blowing myself up.

About half way though the race, the pace had finally slowed down a bit and we had a group of I would say 15. Each lap we would group together pretty nice the big climb would string everyone out for a little and repeat. I found myself chasing back on a couple of times but was able to keep in the group without too much trouble.

G basically lead out each and every lap of the race blowing himself up a bit in the process, but I was enjoying the free ride. Even rode up and gave him some words of encouragement at one point. In the meantime seeing what the front of the race looked like that far into it, first time for me.

Anyway, chatting with one of my favorite rivals, the infamous Mr. Keck, aka SC, Mr. cool glasses, post pictures of my socks on Instagram had to inform me that we had only 3 laps left. Holy crap! If the race keeps the same pace, I am actually going to see the front come finish time.
The hard climb at the end of the circuit. I just don't climb well seated, tried it one lap, but did not work out for me.
Once we came though they dropped a lap so this was the final lap. I knew the pace was going to pick up, and it did. I had to sprint on a couple times when we were strung out. I knew if I lost touch the group would be long gone. Coming down to Cliff Drive I thought if I could hit the hill close to the front, I could pull out a nice result here. So that's exactly what I did,  I hit the hill maybe 5-8 deep and put in a good effort until I got squeezed out and had to find another line. I got around a couple guys when I see two go down right in front of me, then Micah tumbled right over them. I was lucky I was slow enough to not get caught up in it. I weaved around and climbed as hard as I could. Hit the top of the hill and I hear SC's fan club hollering at him so I knew he was right on my arse. Hit the top of the hill, I looked back and SC kept on coming and to my surprise pulled though. I jumped on his wheel and eventually out sprinted him (Buddy it was a perfect lead out!) for 4th. Whoda thought!

That was fun, lets do it again!


Monday, May 12, 2014

No Bonebender for me, but did some gravel racing

With the weather changing BoneBender from Sun to Sat, left me hanging. I complete understand and agree with Chris L.'s decision, that's just how it goes sometimes.

With MTB racing taking a bit of a back-burner, I  did the only logical thing, built up a gravel single speed monster and go ride long and find some hills. We live in a great area for training gravel. The DK is on my must do list of races. Next year is probably going to be it. I just don't have the time to devote right now. I like to race races not just survive them.
Not my handelbars, but a good view of what some of the gravel looked like. 
To get a little taste of it, I wen't down to Jefferson City a couple weekends ago and races Cedar Cross. The race is 112 miles of gravel/singletrack/fields/some pavement. Other than bending my rim on some rocks for the single track, it was pretty bad arse! Bending the rim, not so bad arse....

I have never done a race like this, hell, I have not rode over 80 miles in one day in a very long time. Couple weekends before I took out the gravel rig on a big loop up here with a ton of climbing and a headwind to boot. If that was not going to prepare me, then nothing will. From this point, the amount of suffering will all depend on how much climbing and how much wind I am going to find out there.

Of course, being in Joetown, I preferred the course when it was up and down. 

The start of the race was an absolute blast! The race as getting strung out pretty good  but still enough people around to ride with. I ride alone 95% of the time so it was rather refreshing change of pace for me.
Being on a singlespeed I found that if I draft off a geared guy on the flats I could out climb most of them and make great time jumping from group to group.

When it was not gravel, it was pretty narly at times. 
But then we hit the singletrack and I had issues. I was riding a 40x15 which is perfect for me on the gravel, however not so much on any type of singletrack. I found myself walking any hill with any steepness.

The last stretch of the first half of the race I ran into a guy who was pretty much bonking. I agreed to toe him in as I just had two flats within 3 min of each other and lost touch of any sort of a group that was moving at a good pace. After I dropped him off at the halfway point, I charged him a tube for my work. It was a good thing I did, that is the tube I finished on!

The route took you through country gravel roads and then on the way back the last 30 + miles were via the Katy Trail and some river gravel roads. I had it in my head that once I hit 80+ miles and got down to where it was flat, I was home free. I was very wrong about that!At lest for me, there is enough different muscles being used when their is some elevation change that I don't get as tired. Once you hit the flats, there is no break what-so-ever. Its just straight up grind!

I did have some gas left during this section, so I kept a pretty good pace. As soon as I would catch a guy and think to myself I would sit up a little; I would see another person on the horizon and knew I would have to go catch that person as well.

I caught a bunch of guys in that last 30 miles. I have to tell ya though, the last 20 miles were rougher than the first 90! Finished up the race with beer shower to boot! I finished up I think 36 out of 126. Would have been a bit better had I not had those 3 flat tires, but then again, I am sure a bunch of guys in front of me could say the same thing.

Not sure what is next on my race calender. Life is pretty hectic right now and will not be able to get really back at racing until June. But I am itching for it!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yes, I am alive. And yes, a bit out of shape.

This time last year I had already raced Perry Lake Circuit a couple times on the road bike and I had already started a program with Kent.

Neither one of those things have happened thus far. But..... Its time to start ramping things up. Uh, hopefully...

Last week I took the entire off work and prepped my home to sell. I had to pay the piper sometime for the weekends racing/riding etc. And let me tell you, it SUCKED! So I am hoping to free up some more weekend time to at least get one good ride in and try and get myself back to some kind of form. SC is already talking crap on me for cross this year, so I better watch myself.

I find it hard to motivate myself without any type of racing on my radar. Haven't even thought much about it since cross season winded down (for me that was mid December).

Sooooo. I registered for BoneBender in a couple weeks. Thought that might get some fire under me to start training again.

This should be pretty interesting. I registered for the 60k and Single Speed; and I have not ridden a trail on my MTB bike in 8 months plus and a single speed in years. Might as well do it right!!!

Now all I need to do it find my MTB and convert it to SS!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Well that was a fun season!!

Well I did not accomplish any of my goals for 2013, but I came damn close to all of them!! And I have to say that was a fun racing year. I did not get to race as much as I wanted, but who does. Life of having a family/kids, etc will always take precedence over racing, but they know I am a mental nut case and let me race quit a bit, so I am really blessed on all fronts.

I was able to get in 15 races for the season and can honestly say that I learned something new on every one of them. Its kind of crazy to think about, but now after four (3 solid years and 1 year just getting started) seasons of racing bikes I just now feel like I am starting to get it. I feel like just now am I really learning to race my bike. Yes, STARTING to learn how to do this. I have a ton left to learn, especially in road in which I still really know nothing in the grand scheme.

First, it is really easy to stay excited when you have a awesome LBS supporting you. Horizon Cycling has bent over backwards for the team and made us armatures feel a bit pro. I have been on a couple teams before and been supported by other bike shops, but nothing like this. Travis (owner) has gone all-out supporting the team and cycling in our community. I have not seen this much excitement with our local bike community ever and I believe Horizon Cycling has played a big part in that. If your ever in the area you have got to go check them out. 

While your at it head on over to the FB page and the Team page and give um a "like"..

Second, I knew from the last couple of years of training without any kind of knowledge of what I was doing was only going to get me so far. I had catted up to a point where hard work alone was not going to be good enough. Especially when your in your mid 30's and have limited time to train.  So I made a decision to hire a coach. I remembered Kent Woermann from when he was kicking my arse in singlespeed cross races and knew he was a damn good road racer to boot. Between that and some of my main race buddy/rivals were stepping up their game with him also. So if your looking for some direction and like me, doing hill repeats are you only workout, your not going to get the results you want by yourself. Even if you know what your doing, you still in my opinion need an outside prospective. Kent's a bad arse and I highly suggest giving him a try, with his help I can honestly say I am by far a faster racer than I have ever been. 2014 I know I am even going to be better. Head on over to his site and see what he can do for you.  You can only get your bike so light until you need to work on your 1. engine & 2. weight.

Now that this has become a novel I will make it brief.

MTB - Still fun as crap, I still get my arse handed to me in Cat 1. Still something I am going to race on the side, sorry G.
Bone Bender, 2013
Road - Still very new and exciting to me. I am going to continue to focus the spring/summers to racing road and maybe I can hang a bit better this year. 2013 to my surprise, I was getting repeatedly dropped out from the back of the 4's. Them dudes are fit, and unfortunately no my kind of fit. I still have a ton to learn, but I get motivated in getting beat. I would like to Cat up to 3's this year, but that is actually going to be challenging.
Tour of Lawrence, 2013 (pre-being dropped a lap or so later)
Cross - Um, this is my shiznizzel. I love racing cross and is now my #1 season from this point on. I had some decent results this year in the 3's. My main goal was that dang state championship jersey but I fell a bit short of that goal, but I made myself delirious by the effort in trying. Next year I am going to go from being the windshield in the 3's to the bug in the open field. Already have my rig ready to go! I am that excited about Cross. Ready to put Keck and Williams in their place, behind me at the finish line! Yah, I said it SC! Its going to be fun!!! Until we get lapped by Joe and company.

Boom! Going top be rocking out a Trek Boone this year.