Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Boulevard Cup CX!

Headed on down for Boulevard Cup CX with the family on Sunday. I have raced at Herman Laird Park many times so I knew what was ahead of me. This course is pretty flat, always has that gravel loop in it and usually some additional pavement. In years past being primary a MTB guy in the spring summer, I have never done very well out on this course. Last couple of summers I have been getting my roadie on so I was pretty sure I was going to fair a bit better than usual.

Signed up for the Cat 3 race and had a perfect warm-up, took a couple laps to check out the course and actually brought my trainer out to look like I know what I am doing. 20 min before race time as I was keeping warm, I noticed my front break rotor was rubbing just enough to annoy me so I headed to the truck for some last min adjustments.

Then it happened......

So I leaned my bike against my truck to adjust my break. Got it to quit rubbing, went to go put my tools back in the truck bed and wouldn't you flippen know it... Wind blew over my bike and bent the crap out of my rear hanger!!! My pristine Boone, Zipp wheel rocket ship, out of commission. AND 15 min before the race is supposed to start.

Luckily I had enough time to go get my single speed pit bike and go change numbers and get into the single speed race. So the day was salvaged.

Lined up behind the 3's and the game plan just got really simple. Hold Britton's wheel for as long as possible, then once dropped, have fun and catch as many Cat 3's as possible.

Holding strong here! Why is it Britton even looks faster... Huh.... Anyway- Yes, this is only about 45 seconds into the race. And yes, I was dropped  shortly thereafter. 
I had pretty decent legs today and think I am finally getting back into cross shape and ended up 2nd on the day in Single Speed. First time I had this much fun on such a flat course. Sure would have loved all those corners on my new Challenge tires though. 

Most important aspect of the day by far was that my wife and little guy came out to watch. This is the first year he kinda knows what is going on. 

Let me tell you, there is no greater feeling than your little boy studying every move you make and cheering you on like your some sort of super hero!

He wanted to get on Dad's bike!
My escort to the Start Line. No training wheels.


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