Thursday, October 30, 2014

Carbon CX Disc Wheelset for Sale.

Carbon DISC Tubulars... Ready to CX rock and roll! 

Britton built them for me a couple seasons ago, normal wear and tear (I only raced them, no gravel/commuting etc) Light and fast, look great on your bike. Freehub has your normal grooves in it, should last another season or so before you should probably just switch it out. 

Tires are new this season, only has two races on them and a handful of training rides on grass. Tread is still mint. They are Vittoria Cross EVO XM 32. 

Bolt on disc. I use 140s and put them on my new weelset, if you want I can put some 160 Avids on it. I have a drawer full. Also, I can put some Shimano skewers if you want. $500.

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