Monday, September 30, 2013

Manions CX


Manions CX marked the first cross race in the KC area of the season. Day one (which I was not there) was a mud fest and good times seemed to be had by all. Well, everyone that was not replacing bike parts the next day.

Day two the sun was out and the course dried out perfectly. It was a really cool weekend for me, my little man turned 3 on Saturday, and my youngest step daughter came out and raced her first Cross race ever!!
She raced Juniors woman and did awesome for her first race. Especially being on the one the most vertical courses we will see all season.

On her last lap she informed me that she wanted to puke and she hated us all! Can't sum Cross up any better myself!!!! I will note she was wearing her new Manions T-Shirt to school this morning! (Britton, you still owe me a M by the way)

Rogers Pic..

Court looking PRO in her Twin Six kit!
I was next up, racing Cat 3. Lined up and had about the usual 30+ guys in field. We stared about 30 seconds to a min behind the 1/2's.

After surveying the course I knew that anyone wanting to place well needs to get in the top 3 to 5 hole shot to do really well. I always seem to line up after everyone else (folks get there too early in my opinion). I nudged myself in the second row, with a clean clip-in your usually okay in the first or second row.

Here is my GoPro Video. I wanted to do a bunch more with it, but my patients and tec geek only go so far, so this is what you get for the time I am willing to spend on it... I had some good jams with is, but apparently The Black Keys is copyrighted material so its muted. Go figure. Any tips on editing would be appreciated. 

Hit the hole shot (all uphill by the way) 3rd which I was happy with. The game plan was to hold on to second or third wheel for as long as I could and see how it played out. Travis took the hole shot and was riding really strong. I knew he had just got 2nd in Masters so I figured out he would not be able to keep that up for very long. Turns out about 2 to 3 laps, and still got a 6th place. He is riding really strong already.

Anytime someone would jump into 1st, I would jump with them and hold their wheel. This was working perfectly until Mark came by about about 4 laps into the race and drop everyone on his MTB. I held his wheel as long as I could but eventually blew up trying to do so and then battled with the eventual 2nd place guys the rest of the race. I don't know who he is but we traded places until the last two laps when he eventually made a gap on me which I would never close. It was really close though, great job to whoever you are dude!!!

Coming into the last couple laps, I see G-Wiz getting ready to lap all of us. I knew that this meant that I was on his lap, I just did not know he was on his last lap. So.... Finishing out what I thought was going to be one more lap, another guy I don't know had pulled himself up to us and got in front of me and took third. When he was sprinting by me, I thought, easy trigger, your a long way out from putting in an attack. Ooops, turn right, race over, 4th place. Owe well...

That was a blast!!! Can't wait till next week!!

Britton and the Colavita boys put on one heck of a race, they always do! Huge thank you for all your hard work!!!

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Rogers Pictures

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Pre Jr's race... Before she hated all of us!! Hahahah..
These Three pics are Rogers... Thank you!!!
Mr Stiches

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  1. Nice video. Next time, for your viewers sake, start in the back and then pass a bunch of people. Thats exciting television! Plus you seem to have the fitness to do it. You're looked good out there.

  2. I bet Courtney will stick with it because it is an individual sport and she is in all team sports. It will really boost her self-esteem doing as well as she is! She's a natural! She is amazing! And so are you Jay!