Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mud, Blood and Beers....

Can you feel it???? Its literally just around the corner..

Its that curious time of year again... That time of year that brings out the nutjobs. If your reading this, you have a high probability to be put in that category. If your not sure, here are some sure signs.

1. If you start noticing your buddy's putting in these curious looking workouts into Strava called runs.
2. The usage of any of the following words; Embro, skinsuit, disc breaks suck, disc breaks are awesome, JPow, hand ups, sandbagger, barriers, dismounts, remounts, tubulars, tights, knickers, stout, ale, bock and tons more I am sure...
3. While working and surfing the net for bike porn at Interbike, you love all the new gear that's coming out that us regular people can't get until the season is about over. (I'm still waiting for my Cannondale CAADX to come off back order from last October)
4. Would love to hear any other suggestions... Could get funny...

Owe yah, the Cyclocross sesaon is upon us!!!! Its so close I can feel the cross cough!!

Schedules are only partially out. Up to early November. Go to Local Cycling & KCA to find scheduled races. Owe and put KCCX bog on your radar..

Some random pics to get you excited. And if your not excited, your dead inside... Or racing BTE..