Thursday, March 31, 2011


Not all the skinny tire boys are sissies! Best or second best road race in the world is this weekend!!! Going to have to not get online at all Sunday so I can watch it on versus without knowing the result.... Or, I mean, how much time F. Cancellera puts it to everyone.....

Holy climbing man!!!
1. Tiegemberg70km187km5%9%750mAsphalt
2. Nokereberg80km177km5%7%350mCobblestones
3. Rekelberg127km130km5%10%580mAsphalt
4. Kaperij139km118km5%9%1000mAsphalt
5. Oude Kruisberg154km103km4%9%1850mAsphalt/Cobblestones
6. Knokteberg164km93km7%13%1260mAsphalt
7. Oude Kwaremont171km86km3%11%2500mCobblestones
8. Paterberg174km83km12%20%361mCobblestones
9. Koppenberg181km76km9%19%682mCobblestones
10. Steenbeekdries187km71km5%6%700mCobblestones
11. Taaienberg190km67km6%15%530mCobblestones
12. Eikenberg194km63km5%9%1252mCobblestones
13. Molenberg209km48km7%14%462mCobblestones
14. Leberg216km41km3%13%1130mAsphalt
15. Valkenberg225km32km8%12%537mAsphalt
16. Tenbosse232km25km6%8%453mAsphalt
17. Muur-Kapelmuur242km15km9%19%1075mCobblestones
18. Bosberg


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Before and After.....

All out of excuses now.... It even has 9 gears on it.... 22lbs.... Light as crap for what I am used to..... Thank you Hippy!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Game on!

Registered for Bone Bender today, 6 hour duo with Hoppe.... So nice to see the race season starting up!
Probably going to make Lawrence race on the 9th as well..... Wish I was going to get my arse whooped by G-Money this weekend up in NE, but its too crazy for me on the homefront.....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nothing to report...

I got nothing.... Just training, which is getting boring... Boring enough that I can't bother my two readers with another post that I rode some gravel or some hills, whatever.... Blaaaaa.....

I do have a pic to post though... Last Tour of MO... One of my favorite roadies, Pre world champ at the time too.... Yeah, dude is awesome....

Yeah, that's me, same favorite hat, just add a beer belly and some man boobs..... Funny, I thought I was in shape at the time... HAD NO IDEA.....

Can't express enough how disappointed I am at our MO legislators to pass up this wonderful opportunity to bring world class cycling to Missouri. Well I guess CO will benefit from the millions of dollars generated by an event of this caliper. Sad that partisan politics was soley responsible for decisions made in Jefferson City.. At least how I understood it... I could go on and on, but its too late for all that...

Owe, did order a frame from Bike Source in KC... Riding a Stumpjumper M5 frame this year... Not going to race the 5.5 lbs Karate Monkey in Cat 1... Still going to ride it tho, its smooth as silk on singletrack, just heavy...Anyway

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Found some time Saturday to head out of town a bit and hit up the Gravel... Felt great....
Its nice to be able to measure yourself by this route... Found out I am light years ahead of a year and two ago.. The hills that used to kick my arse I found were not even that challenging... I am not saying that I am in this awesome shape now, just that I was reaaaally bad then..
This is a Hill by the rock quarry, man it looks like the surface of the moon in there... All in all it was a nice 2hr+ ride... Legs needed that...

Owe and I found some more chickens....

Well today I am going to undo all the work I put in yesterday... Staying off the cpu so I don't see how Paris-Nice went today... Its on Versus, so I am going to do my new ritual of eating buffalo wings and some IPA's and watch some racing....

Back to training on Monday!