Monday, January 20, 2014

Well that was a fun season!!

Well I did not accomplish any of my goals for 2013, but I came damn close to all of them!! And I have to say that was a fun racing year. I did not get to race as much as I wanted, but who does. Life of having a family/kids, etc will always take precedence over racing, but they know I am a mental nut case and let me race quit a bit, so I am really blessed on all fronts.

I was able to get in 15 races for the season and can honestly say that I learned something new on every one of them. Its kind of crazy to think about, but now after four (3 solid years and 1 year just getting started) seasons of racing bikes I just now feel like I am starting to get it. I feel like just now am I really learning to race my bike. Yes, STARTING to learn how to do this. I have a ton left to learn, especially in road in which I still really know nothing in the grand scheme.

First, it is really easy to stay excited when you have a awesome LBS supporting you. Horizon Cycling has bent over backwards for the team and made us armatures feel a bit pro. I have been on a couple teams before and been supported by other bike shops, but nothing like this. Travis (owner) has gone all-out supporting the team and cycling in our community. I have not seen this much excitement with our local bike community ever and I believe Horizon Cycling has played a big part in that. If your ever in the area you have got to go check them out. 

While your at it head on over to the FB page and the Team page and give um a "like"..

Second, I knew from the last couple of years of training without any kind of knowledge of what I was doing was only going to get me so far. I had catted up to a point where hard work alone was not going to be good enough. Especially when your in your mid 30's and have limited time to train.  So I made a decision to hire a coach. I remembered Kent Woermann from when he was kicking my arse in singlespeed cross races and knew he was a damn good road racer to boot. Between that and some of my main race buddy/rivals were stepping up their game with him also. So if your looking for some direction and like me, doing hill repeats are you only workout, your not going to get the results you want by yourself. Even if you know what your doing, you still in my opinion need an outside prospective. Kent's a bad arse and I highly suggest giving him a try, with his help I can honestly say I am by far a faster racer than I have ever been. 2014 I know I am even going to be better. Head on over to his site and see what he can do for you.  You can only get your bike so light until you need to work on your 1. engine & 2. weight.

Now that this has become a novel I will make it brief.

MTB - Still fun as crap, I still get my arse handed to me in Cat 1. Still something I am going to race on the side, sorry G.
Bone Bender, 2013
Road - Still very new and exciting to me. I am going to continue to focus the spring/summers to racing road and maybe I can hang a bit better this year. 2013 to my surprise, I was getting repeatedly dropped out from the back of the 4's. Them dudes are fit, and unfortunately no my kind of fit. I still have a ton to learn, but I get motivated in getting beat. I would like to Cat up to 3's this year, but that is actually going to be challenging.
Tour of Lawrence, 2013 (pre-being dropped a lap or so later)
Cross - Um, this is my shiznizzel. I love racing cross and is now my #1 season from this point on. I had some decent results this year in the 3's. My main goal was that dang state championship jersey but I fell a bit short of that goal, but I made myself delirious by the effort in trying. Next year I am going to go from being the windshield in the 3's to the bug in the open field. Already have my rig ready to go! I am that excited about Cross. Ready to put Keck and Williams in their place, behind me at the finish line! Yah, I said it SC! Its going to be fun!!! Until we get lapped by Joe and company.

Boom! Going top be rocking out a Trek Boone this year. 


  1. Sweet rig, I'm going with the same frame, althought SRAM Force 22 w/ TRP HY/RD brakes. Wondering if you've riddin it much yet and what you think of the steering? I rode my team mates around the parking lot, and we both agreed that it's much slower steering than we expected, how is it in the dirt? Thanks for your feed back! J. Suzuki

    1. Sorry so late, just saw this comment. I went with the force groupset as well. You have better breaks, I put on Hayes CX, which are good, but not HY/RD.

      Bike is a beast, I love it, best Cross Bike I have ever races.