Thursday, October 23, 2014

Joules Cross

I think I have hit this race up the past 4 years. It has been an up and down affair, I have had some podiums and have gotten my arse handed to me.

Most of the time I can only squeeze in one day of racing each weekend, so I opted for Sundays course. Joules is always challenging for me because I have more of a difficult time keeping up on the flat straights than I do hills. Sundays course had a bit of everything. The start/finish is always a nice straightway that leads into some turns in a field over to where the fun part is usually. Around the pond had a nice 15 yard mud section, also had Rogers usual spiral and about two moderate climbs out on course.

KC Cyclocross Blog has a good video of the mud section. 

I decided on Sunday to do something I have not done in a season or two.... Ride Singlespeed! It was everything I remembered, fun as crap! It was a blast to go out racing against guys I have not raced with in a while.

Race wen't pretty well, started the race second row but was able to find a hole and sneak in behind Britton and Roger W and held that for about a half of a lap until those two and one or two more slowly gapped me and off they went. Andrew S came by and for a moment I thought to myself, hey we can work together and catch up to Roger sitting 3rd. Then 20 seconds later I found myself not being able to hold his wheel and tossed that grand idea.

It stayed that way for the rest of the race, came in 5th. Those boys are pretty fast. One day I'll keep up! Till next time... Hermen Laird I think.

Thanks to Roger for the pics!



Owe, and one thing. CX just got serious!!! Boom. Zipp + Challange = Awesomeness

Hit me up if you want first dibs on my old set of Volkler specials. They are carbon and disc and have fresh ready to race Vittoira tubluars glued to them. All you need is disc's and a cassette and your racing carbon tubulars next weekend!!!

They can be seen on my cover photo from Cliff Drive CX. Those be the ones.... Just some training rides and two races on them (tires). Tread is still mint, corners on rails. 

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