Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lost Trail CX

Holidays has got be a little behind. I had intentions of driving to either Iowa or the other side of the state last weekend to race, but when it came down to it, just couldn't force myself to drive 4 hours to race 40 min. Same way I skipped out on Jingle Cross this year.

BUT..... Was able to race the weekend before down at the Lost Trail CX. I made it out to day two with a pretty small turnout. Not sure whats the deal with the Cat 3's, last two local races you could not add up both days and get 20 different guys. Its kind of strange when the Cat 1/2's have a bigger field.

Anyway, I have never raced there before but got the scoop from Travis who was there the day before. After a pre ride, it was for sure going to be an interesting race to say the least. Lots of turns and some decent technical turns, etc. The start finish was a long out and back, long and flat enough to get a good draft if you could, so some strategy could take place.

I do not normally like to be out front of the race from the start, however after my pre ride, I did not want to get behind someone and then have them crash in front of me. There is not much worse of a feeling in a cross race than watching the leaders gain a half a lap lead on your while your stuck behind a crash or slower riders.

Start line, I knew what needed to be done (nice when you only have two rows) got in front and took the hole shot. Led the lap and we quickly had a 3 man race. Tim Herre, Matthew Gilhousen and myself.
No shave November did not intimidate anyone, that's for sure. 
After a couple laps in it was just Tim and myself. I was leading out each lap but just could not get a gap on him. I led the majority of the race. Twice, Tim got close to getting on my wheel when his front wheel wen't out on him. Both times I took off the best I could but ole Tim had some fight in him this day and clawed his way back each time.

Two laps to go I found myself running out of steam and Tim took off on me and I really could hold his wheel for 30 seconds or so until I just did not have any legs left. Game over. Tim earned that one for sure! Good job dude!

I ended up enjoying the course a lot more than I thought I was going to. I just could not find any sort of groove on my pre-laps, but once racing I think I settled in. Sort of anyway...

Stuck around for a little had some beer with PotPie and watched Cat 1/2 race. That was a damn good race to watch.

As December is here I am pretty sure I am going to upgrade after Boss Cross so hopefully some other 3's will do the same. Would hate for it to be just me, Keck and John racing to not be in last place in the Cat 1/2's!!!!


Cat 1/2's showing us how its done!

Rogers Pics


I know there was a handful of guys taking pics. Let me know if you run across any.

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