Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fast and Furriest CX

Picked up my boy Chris  Farney (No link, he still has a flip phone if you can believe it)  and headed down south to race at a new venue at the Grater KC Humane Society. 

The course was well laid out with some long sections (hurt me bad) and then had a run up and some off camber, turns, and some elevation gain on the back side. 

Cat 3's had a little better turn out than the last couple races exceeding 10 racers. Got a front row start and hit the hole shot about 4 back. Some of these U23 kids take off like little rocketships. 

Immediately I saw a guy who looked like a gazelle (Rocky Remy) make a move and knew I had better get up with him. So here I am red lined already and not even a minute into the race, well that's cross for you. I have a hard time pacing myself, so I just settled in behind him for a couple laps, making sure I had his wheel on the pavement and some of the other longer flat sections. 

Each time during these flat sections we would drop Chris a little but he would be right back rubbing my back tire on the back half of the course. 

One more lap of Chris catching back up. "rubbin is racin"!!
About 3-4 laps into it, I was unable to get clipped back in and bobbled a bit on one section. That gave Rocky enough room to get me out of his draft and he maintained the gap for the duration of the race. Good work man!

Next problem is I am fading rather quick. Second to last lap was my slowest and one of Chris's fastest. Bad combo for me. He caught me and quickly opened up about a 2 second (ish) gap that I found rather hard to close. Coming in last lap, the game plan was attempt to catch Chris by the final pavement section to the finish, hopefully draft and out sprint him. 
This is the way it wen't for the majority of the race. Rocky, me and then Chris. Patrick Orrick was close to joining our group on a couple occasions but never quite made it.  
Coming into the last section of 180's Chris had a laps of focus and did this little endo/bobble/almost fall but catch himself/but lost his chain thing and took himself out of the finish. He had that same 2 seconds on me and I doubt I would have been able to close it if he had a clean lap. He was hitting that particular section of the course pretty well all race.  

So there you have it! RESULTS HERE

Hug out and watched the Cat 1/2's again. Another great race. Evan Fast I thought had a great race with a strong second behind a stupid fast Jensen. 

Next up, Boss Cross and it will be my last as a Cat 3. Going to request an upgrade to Cat 2 and start getting my butt handed to me.  

I hope I have some more Cat 3s do the same, I know its late season, but its time. I know several that have enough points to do so. 

Lets make it a huge field and race to not get lapped!!!

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  1. New Cat 2 coming! Tomorrow will be my last race of the year but ill be back next year, in the open races, and with 'i have a new baby' legs.

    Cant wait!