Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Boss Cross ~ Missouri State Championship CX

Sooooo Freekin Close!!!! Yet so far....

Last weekend was Missouri State Cyclocross Championships (Boss Cross) put on by Joe Fox (Cycle City). I have wanted to win a state jersey ever since I knew they existed. I knew this year was one of my best opportunities I am going to have in a while.

I ended up taking 2nd with a really stacked field with guys coming over from St. Louis and Columbia. I would be pretty bummed missing out on winning that jersey, but... The kid (literally) that won it was 17 (I think) and that's kinda awesome! I thought it was pretty impressive for a kid that age to come out and put a whoopen on us old fellas. Great job kid!!!

Race started okay at best, I slipped out of my pedal and ended up a bit further back than I would have. But the course was pretty wide and wasn't too difficult to jump on my boy Chris's wheel and by the end of lap one we were sitting 2nd and 3rd. We kept Botts within striking range if it weren't for we were at 100% and by lap 3 or 4 I knew the race for 1st was over unless he had a mechanical.
Saw a bunch of people running this. Not sure why, it was pretty easy to ride over. Pic Jesse Miguels
Chris was pulling us around like a man possessed on lap two and blew himself up a little. I do the same thing, its why I don't care to be off the front much in a cross race. Fast forward a couple more laps and Tim's and his big engine caught us after his usual start too far back.
Once Tim took the lead I jumped on his wheel for a while. We stayed that way until the last lap and a half. Tim was running a section of sand on the back half of the course that I was able to ride. I ended up getting a small gap on him at that point and it was now or never, so I just hammered it with what I had left.
Chasing Tim around! Pic Jesse Miguels
I buried myself on the last lap and was still not able to shake Tim now sitting 3rd and Chris was coming on strong as well just behind him. Tim was right on me coming into the same sand section (there is a video of this section I took of the 1/2's on Instagram) riding this section again crated another 2 second (ish) gap and I ended up winning by the same margin. Tim and Chris fought to the last second. Great race!!!




Owe yah, and this happened on Monday as well!!! Here is to a new cx journey about to begin!!

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