Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Say Hello to JDoug's 2012 Sponsors!

Sure, my wife calls you enablers behind your back, but I sure as heck love ya! 
Without you, my cycling and racing obsession would cost a fortune! 
Wait a second... Ummmm... Let me get back to you on that part.

Be sure to click on the logos to go shopping. Because buying cycling crap makes it Christmas day,every day!

Go! Racing
Seriously, the coolest cycling swaggg your going to find out there.. Hands down!!!
No, seriously, your going to be jealous...

BikeSource/Specialized Team Sponsor
Best bike shop around! Without them my bike would weigh 30lbs!

Power Team Coaching
Because sometimes hard work is not enough in itself. That and I am a mental case!

Hayes Bicycle Group
The goods.... More bike parts!!

Sock Guy
Cool socks dude, really... Can even get one with a hamburger on them!
Ain't nothing cooler than re-living your race while at work on Monday!
I won't tell your boss..

Spy Optics
Brothers got to look good out there, especially in the back of the pack..

Spin! Neoplitan Pizza Team Sponsor
Recovery Fuel!

Smithers Customs Team Sponsor
Custom Paint/Carbon Repair

Shores Sports Team Sponsor
Sports Marketing/Management

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