Monday, January 23, 2012

Gravel...Must be Spring Training

Have gotten in 30+ on the gravel last 3 weekends.. Once I get two more in, I officially have ridden more gravel than all of last year combined..

Wish I could have waited for Sunday; My ride on Saturday was at 16 degrees and Sunday it was in the low 50's!!

PTC has got me on a plan that has been enlightening to say the least, as for as what I have done completely wrong in the past couple of years. The weeks combination of intervals, tempo ride and hills made my ride coming home in the wind completely miserable. Headed out at 21mph came back at 13 and frozen.. The last 10miles back felt like 40!

Its been really nice to have some organization and an actual training schedule. I am thriving with the added support. I guess time will really tell though..

With the combination of "actual" training, eating right I am hoping to have a break out season.. It will be tough to compete with the crazy fast guys my age, but I am up for it and hoping I can make that huge jump. Or at the very minimum close the gap considerably.

Already in better shape and leaner than I was last year in March!
I already have my old man wrinkles going on!

I basically have a love hate relationship with gravel rides, they are exciting because it only means that the MTB season is around the corner. On the other hand without the help of my little friends (The  Black Keys, Modest Mouse, Interpole, White Stripes) it would be a bit too boring for me...However, still 1000% better than a trainer..

I save the hard stuff (Rage, Tool, Etc) for interval days..

Here is a little sample for ya... Hope everyone else is motivated for 2012!!!!

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