Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last CX Race of the Season...

For me anyway... Good luck to all the fast dudes heading out to nationals.

The end of the CX season was rather bittersweet. On one hand, I am more than ready to focus on my true love, some fat tire racing. On the other hand, I love competition and I am going to miss that...

Cross off the Old Year was this past Saturday. I had it in my head that we were going to be at the same course as last year. So I was already mentally preparing myself to 5 to 6 of those huge run ups, but it turned out to be the same course as Wednesday.

I did like the course, it had enough switchbacks and run ups to keep the roadies at bay. Well somewhat, anyway...

Lined up with the 3/4's and had a slightly smaller group from last Wednesday. If you notice in the pic, WE ARE RIDING IN SHORTS AND SLEEVELESS!
I tried to keep up with the lead group of 5 (usual suspects, Keck, Fife and company) or so for as long as I could, which proved to be about 2-3 laps. Knowing this was the last CX race of the year for me, the fact that I was not in the lead group was rather disappointing. This means I did not really get to the fitness level that I wanted to at the start of the season.

I could feel Wednesdays effort a little by this point.. There were three of us trying to close the gap but it was not going to happen. Lead group was already to far away. I was yo yo-ing off the leader of our little group. Guy three had a pretty good dig at the beginning of the final lap (end of the lap) which was way to early I thought. Once we hit the pavement at the end of the gravel I thought, what the hell... Just go!

Attacked them both from behind on an uphill pavement section and created about a 20 foot gap. Last race of the year, I was going to leave it all out there... So I just kept digging.. I'll be damned if I did not catch another guy half way through the last lap and got by him before the barriers, continued to hit it hard till everyone gave up trying to catch me. Finished up 7th out of 23 or so...

So that's a wrap... Never quite got going like I had wanted to, but that's racing. Took some positives out and of course (my personality) took out some negatives (losing focus at times) and what I need to improve upon (engine, its always the engine). Most importantly though, I love racing more and more every time I do it.. Got plenty of fuel to the fire left...

Pictures: Chuongs FB & Marks FB & Rogers


Already getting my MTB ready to roll, even did my first gravel ride yesterday (30miles).. Which will bring me to a bunch of postings  I am sure. I am finally at a level that where training harder in itself is not working. I really need to tweak or fine tune some things, I can get pretty fast with the hard work, but there is a jump I need to make to be in with the lead groups of MTB races.

A rather large jump....Hell, sometimes I would just settle for Garret, Elwell and TDonn not beating me by 15 min!!!

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