Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Grote Prijs and CX season finished..

Well, here we are again the end of a CX season. Its been a fun to say the least.. Got a lot faster than the year before and met a ton of cool people this year.. I really dig the cycling community..

The Hippy and I  went down to the Grote Prijs on Sunday. Which marked the final race of the season. It was rather bitter-sweet, just as I was finding my legs a little, its over.
The race venture was pretty cool, nice and close, if it were not for the weather I would have brought the fam out…

Anyway, on to the race… Usual misfits at the start line of the Single Speed race. Virtually no climbing which did not suit my strengths very well, but there were quite a few technical sections with the conditions..
I find that there are a bunch of fellas that have trouble clipping in at the start, which usually means I can get a decent shot even a row back. Hit the road after the start about three back, just tried to hang on to Britten (the manimal as I now refer to him in my head) as long as I could… Hit the singletrack and held on the best I could.. JFife came by like I knew he would and I took his wheel for about twenty feet until we hit the first off camber turn with took some folks down, myself included. Got back up in fourth where I would remain for the duration of the race.
Chris H. was on my wheel there for a while until the same turn got him. I heard a big thump, then someone on the side saying something funny about it.. Which I knew had to be a good little spill..

Dude, that will take the energy right out of ya!
 I tried to catch up to third but about 4 seconds off would be about as close as I would get, just did not have the legs to pull it off.
Was kind of disappointing, I really wanted to get a top 3, especially after my last performance,  but that’s how it goes..

There sure were some highs and lows this season, but all in all was great training for the upcoming 2011 MTB season. As I said before Cycling is a tough sport. As soon as you think you have got some things figured out, you find out your still just scratching the surface of what your body and mind can do.

This snow has brought the training indoors, which I hate… I have been on the trainer two days now and I already don’t like it… I need some speed… Has to be done though, I need to do my best to keep from getting smoked this summer…I am going to bust my arse to do it though, I’m very excited for 2011 racing, new team & I C’dTFU…

See ya on the flip side!

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