Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No Races til the 31st.....


Man I hate the off season... I know its coming, no racing in sight and I am out freezing my arse off training outside in January because I HATE trainers... My fingers hurt just thinking about them freezing out there.. I found you can keep pretty warm til it gets about 10-15 degrees or colder... If it drops lower than that just do some cross fit, which I think sucks even more! HTFU huh? Yah, your right...
Im going to have to in order to keep up with my new teammates anyway...

The biggest trouble with the off season is losing focus.. I need races to spark a fire if you will... Without them, its too easy to have that extra beer(s) or eat out again... Wait, nevermind about the beer... The food anyway...

I read and did a trial run of  "racing weight" by Matt Fitzgerald this fall for CX and I am very optimistic about MTB this summer.
In a few short months (literally, 2 months) I went from a kinda lean 182lbs (where I raced most of 2010 on a MTB, actually prob a little heaver) to winning my first ever Cross race at 173lbs. Also just missed the podium in the 3's on my SS... This is coming from mid pack in the 4's a year before. I am sold to say the least.... The master plan is to re-coup a little in Jan and Feb.. But not too much, I wont get over 180 an then its business time... (you want to click on that one) Back to hard core training and 160-165 for the MTB season...



  1. Cut a week off... Nice... Thanks!

  2. Pack your bags and head down to Arkanthaw with us. Leaving the 26th and be back 30th, just in time to race on Friday!

    PS....I was just about to flame you for that "1 more beer" statement, then you made it right in the next sentence! LOL

  3. Might be too long of a trip for me... Where you racing?