Wednesday, December 15, 2010


That's much better!
Got out my heavy duty gloves...
Got out my booties!
And got a nice ride in.... Felt really good... Well kinda, the temp was not that bad, actually almost had too much gear on...
The problem was taking all those days off, had me climbing the little hills like a weight challenged non adult, (hard breathin fat kid).... I even took the easy route...

Newtons Law of Motion = A body at rest wants to stay at rest..
Voigts Law of Motion = Sit on your arse for a couple of days and drink some IPA's and your going to be slower than that dude you see on the trails with a huffy and a skateboard helmet....

I am just not one of those dudes that can jump off the couch and kill it... I hear stories about dudes that can do it.. I have to ride.. And ride often..

Hopefully I will feel good after a couple of days... Till then, peace!


  1. Im with you brother! I'm guessing your a hop- head since you love the IPA, me, I like porter and stout. Sometimes a Tripple if I'm having a bad day. lot's of guys will lose motivation to train in the winter, that actually motivates me knowing that when I'm training others are hiding from the weather.

  2. I can tell your a brewer buddy! I love the hops... Stouts on their own don't taste like beer to me... Not sure what to campare it to, anyway, love black and tans though...

    I hear you about the feeling of training when you "think" no one else is.... I feel that way too... Unfourtunaly, I think everyone past a certain level is doing the same thing!!!

  3. Nice BOOTIES , Gay Blade! Wheres your purple cape?

  4. I had it on.... Pretend you know me!