Monday, December 13, 2010

Hey its Cold out there!

Damn! Its officially that time of year... I still refuse to ride a trainer, but ask me again in a week or so...
I bailed today, and have no excuses... I can feel my cardio slowing down and my weight creepin on up....
Need to HTFU! Saw some of the boys hit up Landahl on Sunday.... Atta boys.....

I need to win a race where there handing these bad boys out!!!

P.S. Would someone tell me how much quality riding they are doing....
Maybe it will light a spark up my arse?


  1. I can email you what I'm doing to train, but I don't want to blog it. I Don't want the competition to know what I'm up to.

  2. That must be a wheat beer! It's got that haze to it. Yummy, I want one! The Sam Adams winter lager is pretty tasty also.

  3. 1.5 hr. on the Trainer Sunday and today...gotta get it in...Yeah, it is freakin cold out for sure...When that Mercury doesn't get above 18 degrees with the wind, OUCH! Hope to see you boys over Christmas!


  4. Mother nature is a little b*tch, don't let her win!

  5. Bradbob, Thad, and I got in 2 1/2 hrs in the nice weather Friday afternoon. Dave Crook and I cut trees on GSC with chainsaws Saturday when it was blown so hard. Thad and I then rode it Sunady...cold sum bitch out there! Last night Bradbob and I got a couple of hours in on corby north, GSC, and a run through downtown with the lights ablazin. Brad had a flat comin down the little chute leavin GSC. Cut his sidewall. We booted it and rode on, but not before cool in off to the point of my arms on my coat freezing solid stiff from the sweating I had been doing. Great ride though. The hippie.

    Damn! Now I'm revealing my training! Please don't let this awesome display of dedication keep you off the bike. Use it as "tacklin fuel"!

  6. Day effen 4 off the bike now... I haven't been off 4 days in 8 months...Its snowballin! going tomorrow if it kills me!