Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dirty Little Secret/KS State Championships

Aaron puts on one hell of a good event! Its a damn shame that Fancy Creek State Park kicks my arse every time I race there!!!

The venue is great! Good food, swag, well organized, you name it. I just suck when I race there. I did do better than last year as none of the Cat 2's or Singlespeeds caught me, but that is about all the good I can take from my performance.

Head on over to Twin Six for a general race report. They are awesome folks and have the coolest gear you can buy.

Back to the report, start of the race I did announce that I was going to take the hole shot and then proceed to show everyone down with my stellar technical abilities. Its like a superpower I have. The inability to pick a decent line even if they spray paint the thing for me..

I guess its kind of insane of me to expect any kind of decent performance when the only practice I ever get on any rocky technical section is on race days.

Anyway, start goes off and I am sitting fine, about 6 deep. Once into lap one for a bit I have somehow lost 4 additional places in a matter of minutes. I pass a couple dudes, gap them, then hit a section that gives me fits and they catch right back up. That pretty much sums up my race. Well except for the second lap which I was in a funk and had no desire to put any kind of effort into it what so ever.

It actually crossed my mind to DNF this lap I was having such a hard time being motivated. If it weren't for never quitting a day in my life I just might have done it.

My last lap got me out of the funk a little bit and I got the desire to push it a little. Felt just good enough to have a little fun with it and start looking forward to this weekend. Its always nice to race on your home trail.

Robidoux Roundup is this Sunday. Lots of climbing and you can get into a grove on the single track. No damn rock gardens!!!!

Randy, Craig, Brad and crew have done a steller job with Krug. I just rode them today and they are in the best shape I can remember!!! Owe did I mention is is wicked fast this year... Lap times have already been in the mid 30's... We can expect some of the stupid fast guys to his low 30's.


  1. X and i cant make the Krug race this weekend b/c we'll be in Iowa. I'm totally bummed. I love it up there.

    Y'all have fun.

    p.s. myself and some others are headed down to eureka springs, AR for their fat tire festival in July. Google it. the town is cool and the route is crazy hilly and not too technical. at least thats what i've heard. sounds perfect for you.

  2. Bummer man!! Your missing out, the trails are in perfect shape!

    That does sound like my kind of riding.. We'll see, its really hard to get away from town for any period of time over a day..