Monday, February 13, 2012

Report... There is nothing to report...

Man, other than training (not exciting either, but something I can focus on) this time of year is boring... In between seasons is getting old already... I have no races close enough to get excited for.

The pro roadies have not got into the full swing of things and are racing in the desert. The spring classics don't start for a couple of months... Crap!!!

I did do an interview with a local news reporter about eating a Paleo diet. This all came to be rather strangely, I will post about it when the time comes...

So what is going on???


I did miss the latest Pirate CXC ride. That was probably a blast, the first one was...

Street Cred looks fun, I just don't have the motivation to drive an hour for it..

I read over on G's blog that he quit is job. Great! That's all we need, is more time for that fast mo-fo to train!

Both TDonn and Elwell are riding a rocket ship/full suspensions this year...

I have gotten some cool follwoers on my twitter account from Drunk Cyclists, 40Hands, Il Chat del Giorno & Mark from TwinSix!! Which means I am awesome!!! You should go and follow them and follow me too!!

Owe yah, UFD Schedule is out!!!! I am stoked for this year to start!
I am not sure if they are condensing the age groups for bigger fields (aka, the top dudes can win more money), but the Cat 1 field is looking to be super strong this year... Owe boy!!

Not Locally....

Boonen won the Tour of Qatar. Yes, I really don't care either, but his form is looking like the classics are going to be awesome again this year..

Contador given a ban for doping.. Yah, I really don't care about this much either. I do know keeping up with grand tours are more exciting when he does it have have the race in the bag with 2 weeks of racing left.

One of my all time favorite blogs, Pave is no longer. Now I have to go over to Red Kite Prayer.

I guess LA did well in a Tri yesterday. Yah, I don't care about this either, I ride bikes.

Anyway, that's all I got.... Well, you get what you pay for!

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