Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Article About Paleo Diet..

So I was walking out of Hy-Vee with my spinach salad for lunch and I ran into the city editor of our newspaper here in town. We began talking about healthy eating etc.. Come to find out he knew about, and eats a Paleo Diet. Only person I have ever met outside the cycling community who does. Well, next thing you know, I had a reporter call me that day asking if I would talk to her about this a little bit... Sure... 

The result of the conversation can be found over at the St. Joseph News-Press...

Owe ya, sporting my Twin Six Gear!
I have written a little about this over on the STJMTB blog,  if you are looking at the pros and cons of Paleo over other plans such as Race Weight for Athletes. At least the pros and cons as I see them, I have tired both.

***Disclaimer: I do not have any initials behind my name, I acknowledge that a registered dietitian has more formal education on the subject than I do.*** But I can read and even comprehend some of it.... With that being said;

After reading the article myself I did disagree a little with the registered dietitian they interviewed. In it she advises to approach it with "skepticism" and is wary of any meal plan that "eliminates whole food groups". Although I do approach most things with skepticism myself. I do not understand how a registered dietitian would not be supportive of people switching out their potatoes/pasta/etc for fresh fruit and vegetables. Especially with an epidemic of obesity in our country and in our own community. 

I did post a comment over on the online article about this. Since the article itself said that she was a long distance runner, the only true way we can test it is to challenged her to a month or two of Paleo for Athletes. 
If she accepts it and gives me an honest trial, I guarantee she will be putting up PR on her training runs. That is how much I think this works. I doubt anything will come of it and I am not sure what it would accomplish even if it does. I will keep you informed either way..

I do however think there should be an ongoing dialogue in our communities on eating habits. Just look around man, what has been going on for decades in the country is simply not working. Sometimes we need to look at things in a different angle, and if that is taking a food group out of our diet that everyone knows causes people to put on excess pounds. Then why not? Unused calories, especially starches and sugars when not used are turned into fat, its that simple. PALEO DIET IS NOT A LOW CARB DIET. It just suggests you should consume your carbohydrates from a different source.

Anyway, I am sure I have lost my 5 readers by now, hell this is like learning....

Also, real quick; I want to send out a special thanks to all the fast dudes who put the hurting on me last year! Without your reinforcement that I have to do something different to keep up, I might have never even bought the book and tried it out in the first place. You know who you are...

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