Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Laid back weekend... For me anyway...

While everyone else was out racing either MTB at BTE or CX at Epic/Shawnee Radcross, I took the weekend off...

When heading out for a ride on Saturday, originally I was going to head out to the cross course and do some training but decided to just ride for fun instead... Wow, what a concept!

I get so determined to get faster to be competitive that I sometimes forget why I first started this whole thing anyway... I still remember riding Corby North (pretty flat trail) and having to stop to catch my breath multiple times... Little did I know at the time that getting the dirt in your blood changes your life!

Took off and decided to ride some of the trails... Still on my cross bike though, because its new and I just have to ride it..

Its kind of fun to hit some of the trails that you originally cut your teeth on... Its nice to ride some of the sections you remember having a tough time with on your first mountain bike and now riding the same trail on your cross bike and doing it easily...

Scenery is definitely better than riding around in a field!!!

Accidently ran over this big dudes tail...  They say that snakes are more afraid of us than we are of them. Well if that is the case this dude should have died from shock! I hate snakes....
So, battery charged, might do some more of this in the future, but I need to get back to racing... I love the focus, the competition....

Race Reports from Last Weekend:

Berryman Epic

G Wiz (The Kid)

SS Pirate (Burnsey)

Jesse (Manamal)




SC (Congrats dude!)

Might be some more CX reports but I have to go back to work.... See you cross fools on Sunday!

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