Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Got back to my roots!

Don't get me wrong. I love Cross, its about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on... But, I LOVE singletrack and playin in the dirt! MTB will always be my frist love....
Took off and did a lap through Krug with the hippy, and man do I miss riding the fat tires on some singletrack...
I do race cross to stay fit in the off season, but more and more of my "colleges" are making cross their race season.. Not me, don't know if its because I have not been riding as long as they have, Im not burnt out on it.. Don't know if I ever will....

Which brings me to a question... I am going to try and keep up with these Cat 1 animals this coming up season... I am going to not run a singlespeed 100% of the time and run a 1x9 set up... The million dollar question is going to be shimano or sram????
Any suggestions from my 2 readers out there???


  1. I here ya brother, I'm all about the MTB. I do a little road racing for the hell of it, but XC MTB is the best. Its just spiritual for me. Anyway, I love my shimano XTR stuff, I have had good luck with XT also. I never got into the sram stuff like some guys, but I work in a shop and the sram stuff gives the most problems in my opinion.

  2. Thanks for the advice... Im hard on stuff so I know I need to take that into consideration...

  3. sadly enough i would have to disagree with previous writer....based off personal experience i love sram and have had nothing but problems with shimano. after working at the shop i realize that both are good....sram seems a bit less expensive in general as well

  4. who knows, Joel has had good luck with sram, me shimano. all I can say is good luck! I might be a little old school, I have been racing since the early 90's. I have been using shimano for so long, I may have a little bias. I have used sram and thought it was good, but not as tight as shimano. I don't use low end componetry, never have , never will. Every company out there will make crap, and great stuff! You will get what you pay for, if you buy low end, don't expect much. If you buy high end you will probably be fine no matter if you buy sram or shimano, just as long as it is set up correctly. I have seen some pretty poor work done by shops that are very popular, it is very alarming how many crappy mechanics that are out there. lets face it, there is no licensing requirement to work on a bike. To often shops will hire racers to wrench, who think that they no everything. I have seen some pretty crappy work by the best cyclist. One thing I do know is that sometimes groupos may not always work well, because of a poor frame design. So much comes into play that it makes it difficult to make a crafty decision. No matter which way you go, if you need it set up correctly, let me know and I will make it work the best it can. Not trying to be cocky, but I gaurantee my work. I have been trained by the best. Roger Lamshek, ex-pro road racer, and mechanic for Raam winner Danny Chew.