Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gearin Up!!

Its been a while! Spending a bunch of time on the skinny tires and gearing up for a go for some road racing this year.

I haven't raced yet but it is shaping up that the Tour of KC will be my first of the year. Years past I have had about 2 to 5 races under my belt at this time. Better late than never!

Already registered for Tulsa Tuff as well. I have never done a road race that large, so it is going to be pretty exciting.

I know its still kinda early but I am light and motivated, so we will see how it goes!!!

Till next time... Hope to see my race buddies pretty soon.

SC Style Random Pics

Out on an "adventure" with mini me
I see some MTB racing is in my future. My little man LOVES the trails!
My MTB front chairing made the shop hall of shame!

Madone ready to go. Out of excuses for sure!

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