Tuesday, November 19, 2013

JingleCross Rocks!!

Wow! I did not know what to expect heading up to the middle of Iowa to catch a cross race. I am rather sheltered in attending, well... Any race within a 2 hour drive from MO. I am also a little biased in I love Cross over other bike racing.

With that being said...JingleCross was the coolest bike event that I have ever been to!!! Between racing on the coolest course I have ever raced, to the atmosphere and the pros, it was worth the 4+ hour drive.

Saw some folks I know from the local races, and met some cool folks (Some of the T6 crew) up Mt. Krumpit. It was a blast!

Saw TDonn kill it in the 35+ and take 2nd. Then it was time to warm up. I think it took me longer to pin my arm/shoulder numbers on than actually warm up.

I only made it up for Sundays race and decided way late that I was going. They lined up based on the pre-registration date, which put me waaaaay back in the 7th row (50+ people back). It took the entire first lap for things to spread out a bit and find the room to stretch your legs out a bit. We were lucky enough to have the sloppiest race on the day with it raining the first couple of laps. I ended up moving up to 18th with gas still in the tank.

Here is my GoPro video of the first lap + 1/3 of the second (I apologize in advance for some of the language in the music. By the time it took to download I was fed up with editing as I don't have skills or decent software)


JingleCross FB



Here are some more picks/videos I took.

Looking across from the finishline
Wheel Pit
Beer man on top of Mt. Krumpit
Top of Mt. Krumpit
This Guy
Course from top of Krumpit
The green thing. I don't know what they call it. 
The run up Mt. Krumpit

The Pros running up Krumpit
Check back tomorrow, I have some videos I am going to post. Ran out of time....


  1. Thanks for sharing the video. i couldn't go this year but watching that eased my pain, a little. You've figured out the right recipe for entertaining cross videos. Be strong and start at the back, although the audience was screaming for you to make a few more passes early on. Bet you had a real chance for top 5 with a good starting spot. Next year, you'll be a 2 and we'll tag team that Sh*t?!?!

    1. HA! Sounds like a game plan!! After State next weekend, I will be racing ya again buddy!!