Monday, November 4, 2013

Boulevard Cup Cyclocross

Headed out to Shawnee KS for the Boulevard Cup!

I had to miss out last weeks races so I was eager to get back at it, especially when Boulevard Brewery  is the key sponsor!

During my warm up I noticed the usual suspects plus Mark came out to play with us today. I guess him and G & TDonn ran out of MTB races to dominate once BTE is over. 

The Boulevard guys laid out one hell of a nice course, had literally a bit of everything, sand, pavement a little bit of climbing and a bunch of switchbacks. I usually do well on courses like this. Well any course that does not have long power straights on them anyway. 

Started in the front row and had two to three guys picked out on which wheel I wanted to follow given how the race plays out. I don't like taking the hole shot, I can't pace myself properly and I don't want to blow myself up. 

So once were off I was sitting about 4 to 5 back when Mark who was looking to take the hole shot, blew straight by the turn in to get onto the course from the pavement and took the next 3 guys behind him. So I ended up second just like that. Fast forward a min later (its on the GoPro video, I don't want to spoil it for ya) and I find myself in the lead, exactly where I did not want to be. 

(You tube upload so slow with blogger it will take a day or so to get the actual video on the blog.)

The rest of the race would prove to be somewhat uneventful. I put the bike down a couple of times on the corners trying to be super cross man and rail them. I guess I got a little overconfident in my tires a couple of times.  Basically the whole race I wold take time on Andrew on the sand section and he would make it back on me during the pavement climb on the back side. We would yo-yo like this for the duration of the race. 

And just like that, I got my fist win ever as a Cat 3!!

On another note and even more important than my first win... Took my boy on his first MTB ride on his stryder bike and he LOVED IT!! He yelled either, come on dad or faster dad the entire time!!

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