Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wow, its been a while

I wore a jacket on my Monday morning ride!! Holy crap!! Anyway.....

I have been so busy I haven't had any time to post any bike ramblings lately. I have been a bit out of it with work and then on vacation for a week. I missed several races due to it, but man, the beach is awfully nice this time of year..
After a week of this, its hard to get back to the daily grind!
It is very true statement that a running motor wants to stay running, a resting motor wants to stay at rest. Vacation got me in rest mode, ate like crap and did nothing but relax for a solid week, and now its really hard getting back in gear, let me tell ya..

Looking at the the racing schedules coming up and it is very bleak, making it hard to train hard with nothing really on the horizon. You have a race up in Swanson Park NE thats not that far away, but its this weekend and I just got back from vacation and am sitting kinda fat and legs kinda weak at the present moment.

We have a good MTB race in Columbia next month and some Endurance races, but really its about cross time if you can believe it..

So its looking for me its maybe one more MTB race and then on to cross. Where did the summer go????
Summer has about left us and I have only raced 6 times. Man, things sure don't pan out like you think sometimes but that's life..

I had a blast on my only two road races but they look to be done also.. 

Next up UFD Championship on Sept 30..(Maybe that is, I haven't ridden my MTB in 2 months!!)
HOLY CRAPBALLS!!  Cross is here man..
  • 9.22 & 9.23 Manions Cyclocross
  • 10.21 & 10.22 Joules Cross

On another note, I am toying with the idea of riding my MTB Single Speed again.. Everytime I think about it, I smile. That's got to mean something, right?

Other than my babble, here is some cool stuff you might check into...

Ethos Racing has a good link to Dan Miller, a stupid fast dude from Columbia. Its a great read, I highly suggest it..

Another good little tidbit is a local roadie, Joe Schmalz was picked up by Bissell and racing in the Tour of Utah. I don't know him but thats pretty damn cool!

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