Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Give me some feedback bike nerds!!

I have one race and one project I am curious on your input...

First up... Cycocross!!!! I am going to run disc breaks again and am trying to find a good option for a wheelset. I know there are many, many, nay sayers on disc breaks for cross. Well I embrace change, you all can take your canti breaks and your 26" MTB's and suck it!!!

Now if only the manufacturers can follow suit. WTF guys? Get your S%$T together!! There are like 5 companies that are making disc bikes yet I have found one that makes a wheelset. I see Easton has one, but unless your JPow, us working stiffs can't get our hands on them.

See, they do exist... JPow's ride..
So I have found Reynolds makes one, Reynolds Assault CX Disc. And that's all I can find and better yet, I don't know of a shop that can order Reynolds. Anyone know of any other options? Other than running a MTB wheelset... I know that is an option, I am just tired of rigging stuff, wanted to make an attempt in actually putting cross specific parts on a cross bike. I want to try tubular, but as of right now I am just leaning towards another stans set and running tubeless. 

On another subject entirely, the only logical thing to do with cross on the horizon is enter a 60 mile MTB race, the Berryman Epic

I have never done this race and it has been on my "to do" list for a while now. From reading other blogs n such I have a handle on conditions, etc...  So I have two questions to my 3 readers.. I am sure some of you have raced BTE before.

First, I think I need to get some beefier tires. But what? I normally run a Fast Track on the back and a Captain on the front. From what I gather, its rocky as crap and I know I will be in no mood to be changing flat tires.

Second, camel-pack or no? I freggin hate those damn things, yet I would rather wear one than run out of fluids and/or food...


  1. From what I remember of riding the Berryman Trail, it is a fast and fun trail system with lots of roots, rock ledges and sharp turning switchbacks. I don't know if it will be a problem for this race if the course is well marked, but make sure you notice the trail markers for the Berryman Trail vs the Ozark Trail or any side trail.. Last time I was there we ended up taking a side trail by accident because we were not paying attention to the trial markers.

    If you can get through 30 miles of trails with a few water bottles, then you should be fine with that. Looks like there is a bag drop about halfway through that would allow you to change out water bottles and restock on gels or what ever. Almost all the water sources along the trail are streams, I don't know if the aide stations will have water, if they do, they would have most likely had to bring it in with them. Another thing to consider is water bottles have a tendency to bounce off the bike in the rocky, rooty downhill sections.

  2. Buying a crest or arch ex disc wheelset is probably the best option for the money. Is your bike 135mm or 130mm spacing for the rear? I can build 24/24 hole 50mm deep, 23mm wide, carbon cross tubular rims to disc hubs for about $600/set.

    something like these, http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/WPPXCD-2424-TUB-PXL-SHI/planet_x_cyclocross_disc_and_canti_pro_carbon_50_50_wheelset___24f_24r___tubular___px_lines___shimano_sram

    Velocity makes a cross disc set. They have a 130mm spacing disc hub they build to a23 or major tom rims. It would be heavier than the stan's set though.

  3. JDoug,

    The BTE is fairly mellow compared to most endurance MTB races around these parts: don't freak out. Run the tires you are running now. I run the exact same tires and will be running them again this year. Run what you know! JNo need to get into something new that you're not used too only to have it fail in the middle of the woods.
    As far as bottles vs. camelback: Run what you like! If you hate camelbacks, don't use one. There are opportunities to refill your water at the checkpoints. If you do nutrition in a bottle, just pack some in a ziplock in your jersey pocket for refills. I've never worn a camel back for BTE, Syllamo or even leadville.
    Like Britton mentioned; building a set of disc CX wheels might be the way to go, to get what you want w/o compromise. You could probably even do the pink spokes you've always dreamed about...
    Best of luck! See you at BTE, if not sooner!