Monday, September 12, 2011


The road to RIM goes UPHILL!!!

Its a coming up in a couple of weekends... 12 hours of fun, well, painfully fun that is! I really enjoy Crowder State Park, closest thing to Krug around.. The race is one of the best organized around, don't miss it....

Have a couple of good climbs each lap so I thought I would go do some hill climbing on Sunday... Which reinforced how much thinking (or lack thereof) can go into training..

Soooo, this climb is not that hard, just long enough to get you thinking..............

"Crap, this is much harder than when I was riding it  back in Feb/March for my 'spring training'. How can that be, I am in better shape? Well am I? Maybe its the extra 10lbs I am carrying? Well, that's not all fat, so maybe its not? Maybe I am just not used to climbing anymore? On the other hand I am running a bigger gear on my SS cross bike, so maybe I am going faster, but it just feels harder? Yah maybe, but my MPH does not look that impressive? Wish there was someone else riding with me so I can gauge a little whether I am getting faster or not.... Man, I am training well, why would I not be getting faster? Maybe I am over-training and need to ease up a little? They say train smarter not harder... Man this hills kinda sucks, but so do intervals. CX season is here and I have only done one interval session so far... Man should I be doing more for cross? Well, nevermind that, RIM is two weeks away, worry about that later...Wonder if I could make it to Berryman? Well, if not, I could just switch back to cross after RIM? Hell, cross, I need to get this back wheel tuned up by someone who knows what their doing, feels like I am riding with my breaks on.... (Then start back at the top and re read until you hit the top of the hill)

So there you have it, insight into the mind of a dude who loves to race bikes.... Kinda a nut job I know...
Now all I need is a heart rate monitor and a power meter, and you can find me in an insane asylum in front of a computer analyzing data to gain and extra 25 watts!!!

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