Thursday, May 5, 2011

Robidoux Roundup

Well, it looks like I get to race the home course on Saturday. Life has been crazy and it was questionable there for a little bit... Its going to be my first Cat 1 race! Have done some endurance open races but not a full fledged Cat 1. Its going to be painful/fun/interesting to say the least!

Its just a shame that I know a couple dudes in the Cat 1 30-39, and they are bad ass... And racing strong as hell too..... I'm just going to have to hold on the best I can, its a good thing I have home field advantage... Uh,Right?

I have been putting up some good lap times up there, but I have not found the time to put in any long rides in. So basically I am getting ready to take a hard test that I have not properly studied for! Feels like I am back in college!

Owe well.... Game on!

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