Friday, August 21, 2015

That's a Wrap on the Road Season!

Not much time to write this year, but it was one hell of a road season. After Tulsa, I hit up the Sunday race in Lawrence and got 3rd by a tire length in a sprint finish which was a blast. I really need to work on some sprinting skills by next year. I either start out too soon or run out of gear or something.

Next up headed down to the Tour of Nevada and raced the 4/5's and got in a 3 man break that stuck to the finish. That was awesome!!! But really, really hard. I have always wanted to do that and with about 6 laps to go I saw a fit looking dude half my age take off with another fit looking dude also half my age take off and knew this was it. I about gave up twice getting onto their wheel, but once there we stuck it out to the finish I I got 2nd in the sprint.

Next when back and did the 3/4 race and got dropped but did not care, that was a hot long day of racing. But more importantly, I knew that I had just enough points up upgrade to a Cat 3. Boom!

I am pretty excited about this considering I raced 3 road races last year and the year before was dropped from every race I did. Starting the year, I though that catting up would be out of reach.

So this brings me to Cathedral race with the 3/4's. I still have a lot to learn but I think the fitness is there. It was a much harder race, reminded me more of the races in Tulsa as far as intensity goes.  I almost got dropped due to laziness and following the wrong wheel, but was able to sprint back on, unfortunately I had to burn a lot of matches to do so. Held on with the lead group going into the final lap but was in bad position and never really improved from it and ended up 9th. But hey, I actually threw up for the first time ever after a race!! Must have been a good effort!!

Thanks Roger for the pics!!
Roger H pic

There you have it, short and sweet. And now time to prep for the most wonderful time of year....... Cyclocross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Found a cheep power meter for the cross bike, so hopefully that in conjunction with coach Kent I can scrap some respectable results racing with the big boys as a Cat 2.

That and riding with this little guy!! I see one hell of a Devo team in the Midwest with Brittons kids, mine, Chris Fanny and Adam Keck!! Probably getting a little ahead of myself on that one.

Another note, I am working on an awesome venue up here for this years Cross race. I am meeting the Parks and Rec people next week to hopefully get the green light. But if I do, I am telling you the topography of this location is tailor made to a cross race.

Owe, one more thing. Head over to KC Swap n Shop and buy my race wheels so I can start another project!!!!

Bontrager Aeolus 3 D3 Carbon Clinchers

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