Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bone Bender = Reality Check

Well, that was interesting to say the least... Apparently I have a sheet ton of work to do! On a positive side, I am quite a bit faster than I was last year, not so positive side, I am going to get my arse handed to me this year...
Dude, not kidding ya, the upper echelon on race day made me look like a Cat 3!
Le-mans Start (However you spell it)
I honestly had top 3 in my mind on driving down to Bone Bender for the 6 hour duo. Yah, welllll, not so much........
I did the Lemans start like usual because my grandpa, ugh, I mean parter always complains about his knees. I lined up on the front row, but by the time the gun went off I was three rows deep. I had to jump out to the right of the trail in the rough to get buy a bunch of dudes lolly-gagging it up the hill.
It was worth every ounce of energy spent, because I was hearing complaining about the walking/waiting on the singletrack if you got to your bike later.
Well, once we hit the singletrack (I have never ridden Clinton) amateur night began for me. On the first lap with traffic and all, I seriously looked like a roadie out there.. I could not quite get in a groove, and as soon as I did, I would hit a rock section that would get me out of it. Also, lost my water bottle somewhere during this lap that would hurt me on the next lap.

Second lap, I finally got a little used to the rocky sections and got into a little groove throughout the lap. Well, except for the part where my legs seized up cramping harder than I had ever had in my life! I must have looked ridiculous out there trying to bend my leg and keep it from seizing up! Once I worked it out and kept moving, I made it back and starting taking in a high regimen of endurolites that seemed to work pretty well.
Third lap, not very good, getting better at the technical sections, but the legs were not there.
Fourth lap, felt actually pretty good, I had finally recovered from the cramping and was able to push a decent gear through. Made up several minutes on the next couple of places on the lap, but in the end it wasn't
enough. A dismal 7th... Game over...

On a positive note the Ethos Crew was second to none, bunch of bad ass dudes (and couple of fast ladies too)..

Bone Bender Pics HERE... and Results are HERE....

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  1. It is Super Early in the season and when Winklers team is 4th...u know we are racing some fast dudes! Great day of training for sure, long season ahead. Krug is next....Go!